Bread of Stone

No question, just a THANK YOU for last night in Manheim PA!! So great on stage, and so awesome to meet and talk to. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts and your amazing family! God Bless

Bread of Stone responded on 03/22/2013

Oh, wow! Thank you so much for the encouraging message! It is greatly appreciated! Thank you, also, for coming out to the show in Manheim, PA! It was a blast! We hope to get to go back to Manheim in the future! It's truly a beautiful area!
We enjoy sharing everything that the Lord gives us! Whether that be our gifts, our songs, our food, our family, or our time! Whatever it is we so enjoy sharing it with YOU!!

God bless you and we hope to see you at another show in PA in the future! =)
Bread of Stone

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