Bread of Stone

Well this isn't a question but I wanted you guys to know how much of an impact you guys made on me. Btw, this is Eve from lifelight. I honestly can say that through your music, you've turned my life around. I can't believe how nice all of y'all were to Kenzie and I this past weekend, especially Ben. You made us feel like you actually cared and it felt amazing. My mom says I can probably go see you when you're in mahtomedi, MN! I love your song Hold On. I listen to it every morning now. You're my role models and I think it's great that you're doing that missionary stuff in Indonesia! Y'all are incredible! Love you! God bless!

Bread of Stone responded on 09/15/2013

Hey Eve,

Thank you for encouraging us with your comment! We love spending time with you all :) Mahtomedi is gonna be great! This will be our second time there. Hopefully we'll see you then!

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