Bread of Stone

How has God been working in your life to increase your faith in the last year?

Bread of Stone responded on 06/02/2014

HI! Thank you for your question! Jesus has shown himself dramatically in all of us individually and as a band this past year! We ended last year traveling to Indonesia while we visited our ministry there, "The Light Project" While we met with many different individuals a specific verse kept coming up among our conversations..."I am after love that last.." Hosea 6:6 -This is what the Lord has been continually telling and showing us since we returned from Indonesia. That He is after our love. Love that will last for eternity! We want to give Him that love and we want to receive His love more and more everyday! This is how God has been working in us. To love Jesus with a LOVE THAT LAST! Everyday! More and more!

Thank you again for your question and we hope you have a blessed week!
Bread of Stone

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