Bread of Stone

Hi. I have so enjoyed your past appearances at Cornerstone Baptist church in Sedalia, Missouri or in the park with the church. I absolutely am blessed every time. Do you know when you will be returning to our city! GOD BLess You Always!

Bread of Stone responded on 10/05/2017

Hi Candi,

Thanks so much for taking the time to ask us a question! We praise the Lord that the Holy Spirit chooses to work through our music. He speaks to us too through the people that we meet at all of these events that we do. We are blessed by special notes that comes from people like you. We hope to be back in your area very soon but as of right now the calendar does not say we will be in Missouri anytime soon but keep checking back on our website because we are always adding new dates to the schedule. God bless you, Candi.

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