Bread of Stone

hey guys,
What's your favorite verse and why?
Mine is Jeremiah 29:11 cause no matter how much I might want something in my life, I know I have to wait for Gods perfect timing :)

Bread of Stone responded on 10/31/2012

Hi Alysia,

Our favorite verses are:

Ben: John 14:15-21
Just knowing that the Spirit of God lives in us, proves to me that He is Love. I'm undeserving of any of it, but I'm blessed to know that God would reveal Himself to me :)

Bill: Romans 12:1-2
I've been living that verse for the past few years. He is renewing my mind & the way I think through everyday life experiences.

Tim: Romans 1:16
This verse is really one I my many prayers, that I would never be ashamed of the gospel, that is, never be ashamed of Jesus my Savior. Especially in times of persecution.

Wes: Luke 12:22-34
This verse definitely floors me every time I read it. I tend to worry about things that I can't control, and this verse is a very poetic and logical reminder that God will undoubtedly take care of me no matter what happens.

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