Bread of Stone

i started my own blog and was wondering if you can answer two questions the first one is why do you guys do christian music, the second is are you guys on tour and what do you like most about touring

Bread of Stone responded on 11/07/2012

We are happy for you with your blog.
First Answer: When we started the band back in 04' it was really out of an act of obedience to the Lord after feeling called to do music ministry, we believe that if this is His ministry that He has called us to be a part of we want to sing songs for and about Him.
Second Answer: We just finished a tour last Sunday called MWAM Tour with Family Force 5 and Disciple, we will not be on tour until next year, the cool thing about touring is all of the bands on the tour go as a group and it becomes one big family on the road.

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