Bread of Stone

How did the band start, where did the name come from, and how did you guys meet?

Bread of Stone responded on 01/19/2013

The band was originally started by Ben "Lead Singer" and his brother Bill "Lead guitar", out of a calling from the Lord through their Dad to start a music ministry, they started out of obedience to the Lord. They wanted a name that would represent who we are as followers of Christ, in our own strength we are "Stones" which in meaning useless material and in our own strength we are powerless. But through Christ we can become "Bread" and become full of Christ's power and be able to bless and minister, and through Christ we are Bread of Stone. 2008 the guys met Tim in Sioux City "which is where we all live" through a friend and started playing for them a couple weeks after that :)

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